5 Tips to Effective Email Marketing

Roll up your sleeves, crack your knuckles and lean in… because it is time to refresh your marketing team on the most effective way to market via email. 

As with most forms of marketing, success is not guaranteed with email marketing. While it is a growingly popular option due to the marginal costs behind it.

Barriers to communicating your message effectively (and seeing a ROI) include uninspiring messaging, high unsubscribe rates and the dreaded spam traps. Ah! 

Alas, it is not all doom and gloom! Farsiight has gone the extra length to provide our lucky readers with five hot tips on how to produce effective email marketing that counts! 


5 Email Marketing Tips

#1 Keep it simple stupid (KISS)

Keep it simple stupid, with the KISS approach. The typical consumer, is running their own rat race. The average person only spends 11.1 seconds reading an email.. KEEP IT BRIEF and to the point! You only have seconds to grab your reader’s attention so we like to keep it short and sweet.

The first crumb of cheese is the subject line, use something super enticing to ensure your reader opens for more. The next bite depends on the first few lines, so make sure it is interesting, try some humour or a call to action! x

Highlight your USPs, ensure your links are working correctly and present a visually appealing (yet not overbearing) email. 


#2 Call to ACTION (CTA)

Most successful marketing campaigns feature a bold, enticing and occasionally provocative CTA. Why? Because it works! Time and time again, audiences respond well to being called out to act on something. 

This can be your strongest asset in improving ROI, running a victorious email marketing campaign and achieving your goals and objectives. 

Your CTA can featured in the subject line, the first few sentences or even last if your content is strong! Do not be afraid to tell you audience exactly what you want them to do, just go for it! 


#3 Refine your database 

Know who you are emailing! Obvious? Yes. Known by most businesses? Not always. 

While email marketing campaigns are often thought of as saving your company money, out of date databases will cost you in the long run. 

Maintaining your customer database should be a priority that includes removing unengaged subscribers, updating invalid email addresses and checking spam reports.

Obtaining consent prior to sending marketing emails is key to ensuring keeping your business GDPR compliant and investing your marketing budget in customers that are actually interested in your brand! With the assistance of the right software this part is easy. 


#4 Know your audience 

Knowing and understanding your target audience is imperative to the success of your email marketing. Identify your audience, research their habits and interests, adjust your email toward their wants and needs to increase the likelihood of your message being received.

If you are targeting parents, they are unlikely to have much time at all and will whip through their emails. Comparatively, you can expect professionals to be willing to read slightly more dense content and younger demographics will lean toward CTAs that draw their attention in. 

Your receivers may vary, grow or move into more niche markets, as such your email marketing should be adaptable and constantly revised. 


#5 Be Recognisable 

Carrying on from the last point, whilst diversity is engaging… your company’s emails should also be automatically recognisable to the reader. 

This is best achieved through campaign-specific landing pages, working as a quick summary of your message. Reduce the downfall of readers scanning (because they will) by including snapshots within your email.

Utilisation of a landing page has been proven to increase engagement, brand awareness and click-throughs to company websites. Remember to keep your CTAs, key messages and overall aesthetic consistent.



Incorporate these five tips before, during and after your email marketing campaign and you’re moving in the right direction toward success. 

Once you have an understanding of what goes into an effective email marketing campaign, you will find the more you do the easier it gets. 

So plan, research and deliberate on your emails before sending. Always revise on the best method of communicating your message, what is YOUR audience going to respond to and will it be remembered? 


If you enjoyed this article and are seeking some tips on social media marketing, read our last blog on “5 things you need to know about social media marketing.” Let Farsiight know what YOU want to read about. 

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