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So Instagram Ditched the Likes! What This Means for Your Business & Your Social Media Strategy.

27th of November 2019

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(Image Owned by Farsiight)

It is happening in the US, it has already happened in the likes of Australia and Canada, Instagram is ditching likes! 

Shock, horror, what does this mean for your business and social media strategy?! 

Well, at Farsiight we have done the research, we have considered the different arguments and come to the conclusion that – this is a good thing. 

That’s right! Instead of chasing likes, businesses and users can instead focus on producing better content. Let’s break it down. 


Why is Instagram hiding likes?  

In a bid to make the internet a safer place, Instagram has begun hiding likes. Over the past year, Instagram has come under scrutiny, with claims that the platform is detrimental to a user’s mental health. 

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri said the idea is to “depressurize Instagram,” offering the below tweet to US users.  

(Image sourced from Twitter)


Another strongly held belief is that Instagram is making this shift to promote better content creation by both businesses and users. 

HYPR Founder and Chief Executive Officer Gil Eyal said likes have always been a bad metric to follow. 

“They are very easy to manipulate and don’t actually convey the level of excitement someone has about something,” he said. 


How do hidden likes on Instagram work? 

If you are panicking over not knowing which post is receiving the most likes on your business’ page, don’t fret – likes are not completely void.

While they will be hidden from your page’s followers, you can still view how many likes your shared post received. It is just a slightly different process. 

See here the “private likes” set up: 

(Image Owned by Farsiight) 


As you can see, in your feed posts appear to both you and your followers as being liked by “others,” however the owner of the post is still able to click through and see how many likes they received and by who. So you will still be able to view how many likes your post gets, but your followers will not. In turn, this also means you cannot gauge how many likes your competitors are receiving. 


How Will a Like-Free Instagram Affect Businesses and Social Media Strategies?

As we have mentioned, Farsiight believes this change to be positive! Providing room for businesses to focus on content rather than likes. 

While the removal of likes may reduce the pressure to post to a certain schedule, we encourage brands to continue posting during times of peak engagement. 

The biggest thing to remember here is that like metrics are not essential, look at how popular Instagram Stories have become! An alternative method of interacting with followers that offers polls, comments, and the number of views. 

Arguably, there are a few potential downfalls to this change. It may become more difficult to find the right influencers to partner with and as such it will be imperative to ensure your brand has a good media kit ready for influencers. Additionally, social marketers may struggle to demonstrate that organic still matters despite hidden analytics.

A like-free Instagram forces businesses/brands to re-think their social media content plan and produce high-quality content. The social media analysis will undoubtedly change as this false metric is recognised as less valuable than followers, comments, saves and so forth. 



As the timeless saying goes adapt or die and with social media, it truly is that cutthroat. Instagram’s hidden likes are here to shake things up, whether they become a permanent fixture is still undecided. 

In order to not only survive but thrive in this new environment, ensure your business’ content is redefined to the highest quality possible. Choose your partnerships wisely and be sure to check on your shares, comments, saves and views. 

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