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The Five ‘Need to Knows’ When it Comes To Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is, without a doubt, #trending and taking a front seat in the marketing world

Now the onus is on companies to have a strong social media presence, accessible content and full-funnel strategies.

People are now comfortable interacting socially with companies, and if you are not online, you are not relevant! 

At Farsiight, we are continually looking forward. As such, we have put together our top 5 ‘need to knows about social media marketing’ to help keep your company on top of its game. 


5 Tips to Social Media Marketing

Influence and Influencers! 

Influence and Influencer Advertising has quickly become one of the most relevant marketing tools of the moment, channeling social media platforms to reach target audiences better than ever before! Influencer marketing combines successful traditional promotional tactics with new ones. How so? Well, you take the premise of celebrity endorsement and convert it to a present-day content-driven marketing campaign; through the collaborations of brands and social media influencers. AKA instead of having Betty White advertising the joys of eating a Snickers when hungry, nowadays – opt for a featured shout out on Tammy Hembrow’s Instagram to amplify your brand’s awareness.


Have a plan 

A common mistake made by companies – that aren’t so social media savvy – is to just jump on Facebook and start punching out posts with little to no planning. The first stage of planning is deciding the overall tone of your company online. Your tone can be professional yet playful, strictly posh or a bit of a joke – depending on your audience! Create contextual social media plans for each social media platform; Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Tik Tok and more. Include, primary goals, objectives, audience, tone, narrative, posting schedule, content ideas and success metrics. 

STAND out from the CROWD 

While social media marketing is a fantastic and often cost-effective tool for companies to harness, the growing popularity has caused somewhat of an oversaturation. Meaning, audiences are looking for companies that really cater to individual wants and desires. For companies, this means developing an in-depth understanding of YOUR target audience to reach them best. Unique, quirky and humorous social media campaigns have proven to rise to the top faster than generic social media advertisements. Did you hear about the picture of an EGG that at one point was the most-liked image on Instagram? Eggxactly what we are talking about, it stood out from the pictures of beautiful models, and dreamy travel shots often covered across Instagram’s popular page.


Spend time on social media 

The best way to understand how social media platforms function and succeed is by spending time on them. Dedicate a member of your team’s time to follow what is trending. Keeping up means you can be the first to jump on the back of something and turn it into a killer campaign! It also avoids accidentally ripping off a competitors idea or posting something that is considered taboo concerning the current public conversation. Think of this scrolling as research, because after all, that is what it is! Learn the difference between social media platforms. For example, Linkedin is the place to reach budding professionals, whereas Snapchat is more likely to be a carefree younger audience. Facebook is pushing toward a more family orientated demographic (in Australia but not necessarily globally) and how each platform is used differently across the world.


Manage your social media to a T

Social media management systems are vital to ensuring your content posts consistently, in line with peak times online and allow insight into the success or unsuccess of your content, via analytic analysis. There is a multitude of apps, websites and systems out there. On from this, while consistent posting is essential, it is not advised to over-do it. Think less is more, but frequent is best. Paradoxically you might suggest, but the recommended output is about 3-4 posts per day from a company account. Keep your accounts colours, themes, and content visually appealing and in-line with current campaigns.

So quick, get online and get active. Your audience is waiting for you! 

Follow these five golden rules, and you will notice a growing influence online through your company’s refreshed social media reputation.

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