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Understanding the Basics of Sales Enablement

4th of October 2019

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Sales Enablement Basics

No matter your product or service, one thing is always a guarantee: you want it to sell. You want to convert as many leads as possible into paying customers. But how do you do that, apart from trying to hire the best salespeople in the business and hoping they cut the mustard? The answer is sales enablement.

These days a lot of people aren’t starting the process of a purchase by talking to a friendly salesperson. They’re starting it by opening a browser tab and typing what they want into Google. Social media, blogging and other forms of digital marketing have taken over the role traditionally filled by salespeople. In fact, a study conducted in 2018 by CSO Insights showed that more than 70% of Business to Business (B2B) buyers have defined their needs before speaking to a salesperson and almost half don’t reach out until they have already identified some specific solutions.  

It’s clear that digital marketing and sales teams need to work together to drive conversions. Rather than relying on a handful of super-skilled sales team members to acquire the bulk of your revenue, you can make sales easier with a sales enablement strategy that works.


What is sales enablement?

To practice sales enablement is to provide your sales team with what they need to successfully take a potential buyer through the sales process. This includes tools, information and customer content. Sales enablement aims to develop a formula that allows your sales team to repeat and expand upon their successes instead of relying on luck, pure chance and maybe a handful of “sales guns”. 

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That’s a simple definition, but there are many other factors that go into it: 


Elements of sales enablement

Anything that helps your sales team to perform more effectively falls in the category of sales enablement. This includes customer-facing content as well as research and tools that assist your sales team behind the scenes. Training is an essential part of sales enablement because your staff need to know how to make use of the resources you provide for them. You also want to make your resources simple to put into practice so that whether your team consists of two people or two hundred, you can consistently apply them. 


How to practice effective sales enablement

There’s no one right way to practice effective sales enablement. That’s why it pays to invest in some expert advice. But there are definitely some essentials to a well-performing practice. 

You should have a clearly defined goal in mind. What are you selling? How do you plan to get it in front of the right people – not just anybody on the Internet, but the people who are most likely to become your customers? You should also have a content strategy, the same way you likely do for marketing. Some varieties of content that can be very effective for sales enablement include one-pagers (short and to the point), case studies, competitive analyses and “decision trees” designed to answer common questions. 

Before you even start, it’s a good idea to imagine yourself in the buyer’s shoes. Remember, the focus should be on them during the course of the transaction. This is all about how your product can meet their needs. 

Content tells your potential customers what they need to know in order to follow through with their purchasing decision, so it should be top-notch and answer any questions that they’re likely to have before buying. 

A one-off training session for your sales enablement techniques and tools is a good place to start. But in order to consistently get good results, sales enablement training should be an ongoing process. You can use tools like e-mails, newsletters or regular training (e.g. once a month) in order to keep sales training techniques fresh in the minds of your employees. It’s up to a skilled sales manager to make sure these practices continue to be applied. 


How Farsiight can help

Creating a sales enablement strategy that works is important but it’s not a journey you have to embark upon alone. Farsiight have the skills and the knowledge to help you compete in the constantly changing online marketplace. We can take the current best practices from leaders in the sales industry and implement them to give your team the best chance of success. We’ll help you develop materials to ensure that your sales team thrive and assist you in understanding and measuring your metrics. For more information and contact the team at Farsiight


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