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Why We’re Turning Away Potential Clients

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This is going to be the first of a series of articles discussing my thoughts, musings and findings on our quest towards becoming a truly customer-centric driven company.

I’m not sure where I first heard this quote but for those who have spent enough time with me would have inevitably heard me say, “The art is in the start” before. It’s one of those great sayings that can be applied to a multitude of situations and most certainly applies to this one.

Our “start” was to look at our customer journey from start to finish for the place where we could make the biggest positive impact on our customers.

It just so happened that the biggest opportunity was right at the start of our customer journey – in our sales process.


The Business Review Process

We asked ourselves the question, “How can we put our potential customers at the centre of our sales process and make it all about them?”

Being completely honest, we are still in the process of answering this question but what I can say is that we’ve made some great progress towards where we want to be.

We now have a question & accompanying process that sits at the heart of our sales process and that is “Can we truly help the customer achieve their goals?” Now for some of you reading this what I’ve just said may sound simple and obvious, however, in our vertical (Digital Marketing) this is something that is oft overlooked.

I’ve lost count how many times I’ve spoken with frustrated founders/business owners and marketing managers who have had TERRIBLE experiences with Digital Agencies who all too often over promise and under deliver in both results and customer service.


Learning the Truth

Now there will be plenty of agencies out there who will hate me for saying this but the facts are that Pay Per Click Advertising using Google Ads or Facebook Ads doesn’t work for everyone. I’ll repeat that – it doesn’t work for everyone.

Every single business is unique in its own way. Market, competition, location, budget & profit margins are a small handful of many factors that play into whether running PPC campaigns will be successful for your business.


Real Data & Results

Knowing this, we decided to build out a process that would provide our potential customers with an objective PPC Feasibility Study which includes a detailed report as to whether PPC can work for their business, what results they can expect from a campaign along with our strategic recommendations.

And the results?

We are investing considerably more time into each prospect and turning away more business than we are winning. Sounds like a complete failure right?


We are not in this to make a quick buck, we are in this for the long game. We are on a mission to build an agency with an iron-clad reputation for operating with integrity and delivering results for our customers. This strategy is an investment into our companies future and I cannot wait to report on the ROI in years to come.


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Ben Somerville

Having spent the better part of 5 years leading the sales & marketing teams at a high-growth SaaS company, Ben brings to the table an intrinsic understanding of SaaS.  He's an avid and passionate outdoorsmen, don't mention you like snow sports around him unless you've got time up your sleeve.  

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