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Services Provided

The Client

IncoDocs is secure export documentation software, built for modern small and medium business.

Businesses trading between numerous different countries are often required to comply with numerous different pieces of legislation and requirements, which leads to headache-inducing documentation.

IncoDocs’ product aims to provide a simpler solution through a number of pre-made documentation templates, management and analytics. They have raised a total of A$2.5M in funding over 3 rounds.

The Problem

IncoDocs came to us with the goal of testing multiple overseas markets with very specific budgets. They didn’t have the time to execute on the strategy themselves and needed an agile PPC agency to step in and frequently test new strategies to determine what market to double down on.

In a review of their existing Google Ads account, we identified that the remarketing code wasn’t set up correctly. In addition, there was an opportunity to improve the way the account was structured to have more control over budgets & bids to ultimately lower the CPA.

The Process

  • Strategise

    Check out current and past campaigns
    Are they working? Can they be better?
    Share our suggestions with you
    Work out the best direction for your business
    Put together a plan

  • Test

    Put the plan to work.
    Touch base with you each week
    What’s working?
    What isn’t?
    Is it profitable?
    Are we seeing growth?

  • Go Big

    Use what we found in testing to go big
    Learn from our data and scale up
    Magnify the plan
    Continuously improve our strategy
    Rake in sales and leads

The Result

Time Period
Oct – Dec 2018 vs. Jan – Mar 2019
Services Provided
Our Strategy
IncoDocs was housing all the document types their platform offers in singular campaigns. We split out each document type at a campaign level so we could allocate specific budgets depending on high and low performing documents.  
We identified early on that male far outperforms female from a CPA perspective so whilst we were looking to achieve the lowest possible CPA we excluded females. Age & household income bids were also adjusted to maximise efficiency.
In addition, we executed a display strategy after finding multiple relevant in-market audiences which brought in leads at $0.08 less than Google Search.

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