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Two Aussie Mates Nat and Dan were born and bred surfing on Australia’s East Coast. They met in the surf and shared the same dream to give up their day jobs and enjoy a life of fun, surfing, adventure, travel and meeting new people.

Mojosurf now operates surf schools, guided surf adventures and surf camps in awesome surf locations like Australia’s East Coast between Sydney and Byron Bay; Raglan in New Zealand; and Bali and beyond.


Increase in ROAS


Increase in Revenue


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The Challenge

Taking a Surfing Tour Company from Zero to Hero Using Facebook Ads

Mojo Surf was introduced to Farsiight through a referral (thanks again Adam if you’re reading this) and on the initial call with Vanessa Thompson, Mojo’s General Manager she outlined the current situation. 

They had been using another agency to run their Facebook Ads which showed promising results in the early stages, however, they were not able to achieve the return on ad spend target or scale that was required for it to be a profitable acquisition channel for Mojo. 

As always at Farsiight, the most important question for us to answer before entering into a partnership is this;

“With the strategies which we know to work, can we help the client achieve their business goals?”

How do we answer this question you might ask?

Digital Marketing Meme

Here’s a quick checklist of some of the areas we look to investigate;

  • In the case of an e-commerce business like Mojo, we need to gain a complete understanding of their COGs. This allows us to understand what the Target Cost Per Acquisition needs to be in order for the ads to run profitably and be scalable. If there is a big disparity here e.g. very small margins or above market ROAS required, this is a red flag for us.
  • What are the creative capabilities both in terms of readily available assets on hand and ability to produce required creative assets.
  • What social proof is available? (Reviews, testimonials, UGC etc.)
  • What is the performance of the current website funnel? 
  • What is the current ad strategy being deployed on Facebook Ads?

After gaining all of the relevant access and conducting our audit we observed the following;

  • Their margins were healthy and fit within a range that we would deem acceptable for scaling on Facebook Ads ?

  • There was an insane amount of amazing creative assets on hand and they were producing new content on a weekly basis ❤️

  • There was plenty of available social proof between written reviews and the holy grail, video testimonials ⭐️

  • The website conversion rates were healthy, however, the overall funnel needed work ?
  • The ad strategy that was currently in use was very rudimentary and lacked any sophistication in terms of retargeting ?

Based on this analysis, we saw a clear path for success for Mojo Surf by implementing one of our tried and tested full-funnel strategies which was designed from the ground up to talk to their customers at every stage of their awareness.

The Strategy

Building a Full-Funnel Facebook Ads Strategy Designed to Scale

Outside what was mentioned above, two of the key challenges that our strategy needed to address were;

  1. There was a wide range of options in terms of packages for customers to choose from. We needed to design a funnel that would present these options to customers, allow them to choose what they wanted thus self segmenting them so we could retarget them with specific creatives to that package.

  2. The surf camps that Mojo wanted to push to market are high ticket items ranging from $800 – $8k+. In our experience this means that we are unlikely to get the bulk of our sales on Top of Funnel and would need a sophisticated retargeting strategy in order to close the deal. 

Further to this, the strategy needed to target people who were higher up the funnel e.g. not just people who are looking to book a surfing camp now.

In order to tackle the first challenge we completely remapped the funnel and implemented a pre-sell article to run top of funnel traffic to which would outline the 5 top packages that Mojo wanted to sell and link directly to the respective product pages. 

Here’s a birds eye view of the funnel;

Mojo Surf Website Funnel

If you’re interested in checking out the exact pre-sell page we used – ? CLICK THIS LINK

“They always check in to make sure they are on the right track and that we are happy with the results. Results have been excellent with a 6+ ROAS.”

– Vanessa Thompson, General Manager

Vanessa Thompson
Vanessa Thompson

So now we had a slick funnel that would self-segment cold traffic for us and allow us to retarget them with highly contextual content. The next step was mapping out the Facebook Ads strategy. 

Here’s the birds eye view;

Mojo Surf Facebook Ads Funnel

And now to explain exactly what you’re looking at. 

Top of Funnel

On top of funnel, the goal was plain and simple. 

Drive as much high quality traffic to the pre-sell page as possible and let the rest of the funnel do the heavy lifting. 

To do this we utilised a combination of Video, Static & Carousel creatives driving the “Top 5 Surf Trips…” angle. Worth noting that video creatives were the clear cut winners by a country mile and we ended up shutting static and carousels off. 

Audience wise we tested the following;

  • Look a likes based on previous purchases 
  • Look a likes based off an uploaded customer database
  • Interest stacks
  • Broad open targeting

What audience worked best? Well that’s a secret.

Now here was the scary part. 

We knew that based on the ticket price that we were not going to drive the majority of our  sales on top of funnel and that these campaigns were likely going to have to run at break even or potentially worse.  

Middle of Funnel

Middle of the funnel was where things got interesting. 

So for users who either engaged on Facebook with our Top of Funnel ad or made it to the pre-sell page but did not proceed to a trip page, we retargeted them with different variations of the “Top 5 Video”.

For users who made it to an individual trip page, but did not add to cart, we retargeted them with a video that was specific to the trip that they viewed outlining all of the activities and inclusions. 

For users who engaged with the above video on Facebook did not return and purchase, we retargeted these users with a UGC testimonial video from someone who had been on the exact trip they had been researching. 

This is where we generated the lion’s share of our purchases and holy smokes did this campaign CRUSH. 

Bottom of Funnel

Bottom of Funnel is often what we refer to as the clean up crew. 

By this stage in the funnel, the user has consumed the pre-sell article, they have consumed the content on the product page, watched a video specific to that trip outlining the features and benefits, watched a video loaded with social proof, added to cart but still have not purchased.

Call in the reinforcements!

Reinforcements Facebook Ads Meme

Reinforcement #1 – The Objection Crusher

At this point it’s all about reducing risk for the customer and crushing any final objections they might have about moving forward. This is the perfect place to leverage things like payment terms (Buy now pay later like afterpay), money back guarantees, more social proof (star ratings on review platforms). Whatever you’ve got, throw it at them!

Reinforcement #2 – The Final Offer

So you’ve now de risked the purchase for your customer and they still are not budging?

This is it, the last chance to close the deal. 

Typically when it comes to this point, the only thing holding them back is the price. 

They believe their money is more valuable to them, than your product or service. 

So – if your margins permit this is the perfect place to offer a discount, freebie or some form of offer to push them over the line.

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The Outcome

Crushed Sales Targets Despite Launching in the Winter Season

Let’s rewind quickly to where this all began. 

Facebook Ads was underperforming massive and Vanessa was questioning whether to continue leveraging the platform all together. 

Now let’s take a look at what we were able to achieve within 3 short months;

  • 293% Increase in ROAS (Averaging between 6 – 8)
  • 7,453% Increase in Revenue
  • 1,829% Increase in Spend

Now’s not the time to be humble, we absolutely crushed it. 

Don’t just take my word for it, here’s the review Vanessa Left us on Clutch. 

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