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Power Diary is the online practice management software trusted by over 26,000 practitioners worldwide. Brothers, Paul and Damien Adler are the founding team behind Power Diary. Together, they combine Damien’s experience running and growing a successful health practice, with Paul’s 25 years of experience managing and scaling technology projects.



Increase in Free Trials


Decrease in CPA


Increase In Ad Spend

The Challenge

Cost Per Acquisition Had Spiralled Out of Control and Was Limiting Further Scale 

Having recently set up some marketing automations between Mailchimp and PowerDiary for another one of our partners SPOT, we jumped on the opportunity to pitch for their business when they went to market looking for a new PPC agency.

Cold Email
Cold Email 101 from Farsiight’s co-founder Ben

Here’s what Fiona Harington Power Diarys’ Director of Marketing had to say about how the partnership began – “Farsiight approached us after finding out that we were looking for someone to help with our PPC advertising. We had a couple of interviews and then they reviewed our account and provided suggestions. Several others had also done this, but we felt that Farsiight provided the most insight and rigour to their approach.”

There was a very clear cut goal that Power Diary was looking to achieve as quickly as possible and that was to reduce the Cost Per Acquisition which had quickly spiraled out of control as they scaled up the Google Ads account. 

We identified in a Google Ads review that Power Diary was running over 320+ Google Ads campaigns. Running a high-volume of campaigns isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and in some cases it’s necessary. Say, you are a marketplace and you want to advertise hyper-localised ad messaging when a user types in a generic keyword – the only way to achieve this is to have a specific campaign for the respective location. This wasn’t the case for Power Diary and the consequence was that the account wasn’t being effectively managed from a bidding perspective. The blended CPA for non-brand Google Ads was over-target which was limiting their ability to find new opportunities and scale.  

Fiona stated that “Power Diary had a large Google Ads account because we service many different professions and in different geographic locations. We had tried managing it ourselves and outsourcing this to individual contractors. We had some success with this, but our CPAs were too high and we felt like there was too much wastage.”

The Strategy

Building a new account structure that provided an infrastructure for global scale

As Power Diary services multiple geographies we knew that to get the CPA below target we would have to custom-build each location. 

After spending countless hours reviewing the search terms report, it was clear the top-performing search queries varied from country-to-country. For this reason, simply duplicating a build and changing the target location wouldn’t produce the result we were after. 

At the time, it was one of the biggest Google Ads builds to date for Farsiight but we’ve never looked back as it truly laid the foundations for scale in this account. 

To minimise the campaign volume, we found commonalities in various keyword themes and were able to group together campaigns that shared similar objectives. The result was minimising 320+ campaigns down to 56. 

We also discovered a huge opportunity in the way Google was distributing the budget to one segment (a segment being match type, device, age, gender etc). To protect Power Diary’s IP, I can’t share what this is but let’s just use Gender as an example. Google was delivering ads at a very high rate to females and not leaving much budget for males. The problem was males had a much higher conversion rate and lower CPA than females. 

“We have consistently seen our CPA’s reducing over time, while our value of leads has increased.”

– Fiona Adler, Director of Marketing

Fiona Adler, Director of Marketing
Fiona Adler, Director of Marketing

To better control spend we decided to split out this segment at a campaign level so we could allocate more budget to males and less to females. The result? An immediate improvement in CPA. 

Since launching we have pushed out new strategies each month to continue finding the wins, such as:

  1. Identifying winning in-market audiences and creating targeted in-market search campaigns to increase impression share on high-performing audiences;
  2. Launched top-of-funnel display campaign using the option to ‘pay for conversions’;
  3. Created middle-of-funnel search campaigns to targeted previous visitors to the site in order to increase bids and advertise alternative messaging.
  4. Launched keywords that had never been tested before. These now account for a significant portion of the overall search conversions.
  5. Launched and tested non-english language campaigns to test performance vs. english speaking.
  6. Launched YouTube ads, both TOF & MOF
Power Diary
Powerdiary.com – Google Search Ad

Here’s what Fiona had to say about the process – “Working with Farsiight is truly like having some marketing focused partners that we can rely on. I really appreciate that they are extremely proactive in thinking of new ideas to try. With every other vendor we deal with, it’s always us pushing for improvements or making suggestions. This is not the case with Farsiight. They are also a team that I feel is very trustworthy.”

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The Outcome

Significantly Reduced CPA, Record Months of Free Trials and Massive Growth Through both Google & Facebook Ads.

Performance was off to a cracking start. By the end of month 1, we had reduced the CPA by 25.7% from the previous month for non-branded search. In 6 months, we cut the CPA in half and reduced by a total of 51%. 

Fast-forward 1.5 years and we’ve scaled overall account spend by 2.7x all while keeping the CPA well below target. 

See below a screenshot of Google Search campaigns:

Google Ads Results
Google Ads Growth for PowerDiary
Spicy Obama Meme


After taking PowerDiary’s Google Ads campaigns to the next level, we got the opportunity to pitch to take on the Facebook Ads account. 

The most significant levers for growth we identified were;

– Deploying a multi-step funnel to talk to their prospective customers at different stages of awareness

– Incorporating Video Creatives into the mixer

We’re 6+ months into this journey, and I’m going to come straight out and say we have absolutely crushed it.

Here’s the punchline;

– We increased free trials by over 400% whilst keeping CPA within target

Quick shout out to two of our Paid Social team members, Kate Sheridan and Hayley Robinson, for bringing to life the “Flex Creative” which has been an absolute rainmaker. 

Here’s a sneak peek if you’re interested;

Power Diary Facebook Creative
Power Diary “FLEX” Creative

The best part about this case study, it that it’s only just the beginning. Stay tuned, and we’ll keep updating this as we continue to help scale PowerDiary…

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