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Services Provided
CRO, PSA, PPC, Content, Email Marketing

The Client

Squid Socks is a North American client that sells infant socks designed to stay on baby’s feet (as seen on ABC’s Shark Tank).

What makes Squid Socks unique is their patent-pending “squiddy dots” – a silicone bead placed strategically on the inside cuff of the sock.

The result, a sock the safely stays snug in place – no matter how hard the little sock-devil tries to yank them off!

Jessica and Gabe Miller are a Husband and Wife super-couple, determined to bring sanity back to the lives of new parents in an area ignored until now – keeping socks on their kid’s feet – where they belong.

The Problem

Jess and Gabe were starting from ground zero in terms of Digital Marketing.

With their Shark Tank debut and the Holiday season fast approaching, it was essential their online presence was set up for success.

We built a full-scope acquisition plan that leveraged Paid Advertising on Social Channels, and Search Engines, Website redesign, Email Marketing, and profit-maximizing Upsell Strategies.

The Process

  • Strategise

    Check out current and past campaigns
    Are they working? Can they be better?
    Share our suggestions with you
    Work out the best direction for your business
    Put together a plan

  • Test

    Put the plan to work.
    Touch base with you each week
    What’s working?
    What isn’t?
    Is it profitable?
    Are we seeing growth?

  • Go Big

    Use what we found in testing to go big
    Learn from our data and scale up
    Magnify the plan
    Continuously improve our strategy
    Rake in sales and leads

The Result
Time Period
October 2019 – Present
Services Provided
CRO, PSA, PPC, Content, Email Marketing
Our Strategy

First, we optimized the website using our CRO best-practices to create a “conversion-conducive” user experience.

Specifically, we optimized the website’s architecture, navigation, page design, copywriting, and call-to-actions.

Then, we ensured the site had all the necessary user tracking tools installed to help us gather data and inform future optimization strategies.

Anticipating a sharp influx of traffic in the coming weeks, we configured their email marketing (using Klavyio), to strategically follow up with both users who purchased, and users who abandoned their website session (this is a HUGE revenue-booster) – leaving nothing on the table.

Using our mandatory core email flows/sequences (there are three every brand should have), we created a profit-rich ecosystem that fosters long-term relationships and maximized customer value.

Once we had an attractive location to send traffic to, and the appropriate follow up strategies in play, it was time to find customers.

Using our proprietary Farsiight acquisition formula, we created a Facebook, Instagram, and Google strategy targeting both cold and warm audiences.

The secret sauce to our formula lies in curating messages (and offers) uniquely per customer avatar and per their own level of awareness (there are five to know) of the product.

The key to our success was understanding how to take advantage of the influx of traffic generated through both the Shark Tank debut and our prospecting efforts conducted across social channels.

This involved designing a discount strategy that made sense to the user but would also increase AOV’s to then maximize profit margins.

Once the offer was solidified, we leveraged email campaigns (using our launch-method) and paid advertising to retarget the mass of traffic we acquired, presenting them with our offer.

As a result, the client experienced a 16,400% increase in MRR – all while operating at a 300% return on investment (that includes our fees).




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