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Services Provided
PSA, Email Marketing

The Client

THINKNOO leverages the latest advancements in functional science to develop a nutrient-packed approach to getting more out of coffee – morning & night – using two natural supplements:

NOOstart works synergistically with your morning coffee to offer a more focused and sustained mental energy, fighting off the afternoon crash and overstimulated jitters.

NOOreset prepares your body for sleep by helping process caffeine faster and replenishing the nutrients absorbed from a productive day.

The Problem

Off the back of a successful Indiegogo campaign, the THINKNOO team were looking for a PPC agency to develop their go-to market strategy & scale online sales. With a tight initial budget, it was critical that we found the channel with the best return on ad spend (ROAS) quickly so that profits could be reinvested into more inventory & scaling the campaigns further.

The Process

  • Strategise

    Check out current and past campaigns
    Are they working? Can they be better?
    Share our suggestions with you
    Work out the best direction for your business
    Put together a plan

  • Test

    Put the plan to work.
    Touch base with you each week
    What’s working?
    What isn’t?
    Is it profitable?
    Are we seeing growth?

  • Go Big

    Use what we found in testing to go big
    Learn from our data and scale up
    Magnify the plan
    Continuously improve our strategy
    Rake in sales and leads

The Result
Time Period
(Jan 2019 – Current)
Services Provided
Our Strategy
Our first port of call was to produce a series of performance estimates for Google Ads to identify the available traffic and competition in the market. Whilst there was substantial traffic, the competition was extremely high. With no hard data on lifetime value (LTV) the forecasted CPA would render the campaigns unprofitable.
Once Google Ads was ruled out, we set to work building out a complete e-commerce funnel for facebook & instagram utilising high impact video assets. With no purchase data, the first phase of the strategy was to train the pixel using interests and data points mapped back from THINKNOO’s personas. Once the pixel was trained we leveraged lookalike (LAL) audiences and directed traffic down a five stage funnel capitalising on users who were consuming 1 minute or more of each video or interacting with the website. Within two months the CPA was in scalable range and we were able to incrementally increase spend whilst maintaining ROAS month-on-month.
The success of the campaign has allowed THINKNOO to invest in product development with a new innovation set to go live in September 2019.


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