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TradeMutt was created by two tradies who had an idea to use funky work shirts to start conversations about mental health among the blue-collar community of Australia. What started as a simple idea to get people talking on-site, TradeMutt has seen overwhelming support from communities all over Australia, extending far beyond the building site.


Increase in Revenue


Return on Ad Spend


Revenue from New Channels

The Challenge

Driving new revenue growth for a social impact apparel brand through scaling creative and sales channel diversification. 

TradeMutt partnered with Farsiight during a scale-up phase of their business and challenged us to push the envelope on their paid social media creative, diversify into new paid media channels, and expand into new market segments. 

TradeMutts’ Director of Marketing, Mike Watkins, wanted “a partner to do the heavy lifting in helping us scale up our brand through paid media channels, specifically social and search, in a collaborative, creative and highly iterative way.”

Our goal was two-fold; build off the solid foundations already laid in Paid Social, deliver a new creative direction and expose the brand to new revenue opportunities through Google’s Network. 

At the time of signing off on the partnership, TradeMutt had a brand new product drop, “The Wildside Workwear,” launching in 4 weeks’ time. The stage was set, and the pressure was on our team to deliver a record sales month and ensure that all stock sold out. 

The Strategy

Our 3-pronged Approach to Exceeding Their Expectations

For Wildside Workwear to be a roaring success, we needed to work hard and fast to bring to life the strategy that we had pitched to the client. 

There were 3 key components that all needed to come together for this to be a success;

  1. A New Data-Driven Creative Ideation and Development Strategy
  2. Diversifying into New Digital Sales Channels 
  3. Setting Up A Seamless Workflow Designed for Fast Scaling Companies

A New Data-Driven Creative Ideation and Development Strategy

Through deep analysis of existing data with TradeMutt’s ad account, we were able to drill down into high-performing creative formats. These were further segmented by their effectiveness at each stage in the funnel (TOF, MOF, BOF). 

Here is a sample of the analysis;

  • Story focused videos performed best in TOF
  • Videos did not perform well in retargeting (MOF & BOF)
  • Lifestyle collage images performed best in MOF
  • GIFs had a high Thumb Stop Rate (TSR)

To guide the Wildside Workwear product drop strategy, we used the existing data that existed in Trademutts’ ad account. We mapped out the creative strategy that utilised an 80/20 split – 80% tried, tested, high-performing creative formats, and 20% new innovative, creative formats. 

To protect the IP of the client, we’ve not included the exact strategy used by here is example of how we translate the data analysis into an actionable creative strategy;

Facebook Ads Creative Strategy Map
Example Facebook Ads Creative Strategy

A core tenant to Farsiights’ approach to scaling paid social ads is a consistent & strategic rhythm of creative testing. In researching direct and adjacent competitors of TradeMutt, we identified several potential winning creative formats that we wanted to test straight out the gate.  One example of these was thumb stopper gifs to be utilised in the Middle of the Funnel and Bottom of the Funnel. 

Here is one of our favourites;

Animated Facebook Ad
Facebook Ads “Thumb Stopper” GIF feat. Eddy Ross Co-founder of TradeMutt

Here’s TradeMutt’s Marketing Directors two cents on our approach to creative:

“Week to week Farsiight develop fresh creative concepts that align to our e-commerce product calendar – they manage the process from concept through to creation, through to implementation and optimisation – I cannot stress enough how much confidence we have in the Farsiight team to deliver what we need when we need it.”

“Since working with Farsiight, we have seen average ROAS figures of 8- 9 on the social side and 16-24 on the Google Ads side.”

– Michael Watkins, Marketing Director

Michael Watkins Clutch Profile
Michael Watkins Clutch Profile

Diversifying into New Digital Sales Channels 

When TradeMutt approached us, Facebook Ads was their primary sales channel, and to date, they had not advertised through the Google Network. For us as an agency, this is as exciting an opportunity as any to help a brand diversify its sales channels and open up new revenue streams. 

“Their ability to marry up the two very different worlds of Social and Search in a seamless way – which gives us as a client total confidence that they will hit the mark in both areas, whilst maintaining creative consistency – something which is hard to find in today’s agency landscape.” – Mike Watkins

With this in mind, our recommendation was to launch the following;

Google Search – TOF & MOF
– Branded Campaigns 
– Competitor Campaigns 
– High Intent Campaigns

Google Search Ad
Google Ads Search Campaigns – High Intent

Google Shopping – TOF & MOF

Google Shopping Ads
Google Smart Shopping Campaign

Google Display – TOF & MOF
– Testing both static and RDA formats

Google RDA Creative
Google RDA Creative

YouTube – TOF & MOF

Google RDA Creative

A Seamless Workflow Designed for Fast Scaling Companies

In order for us to deliver the campaign build and creatives on time for the launch, it was going to be imperative that we set up the systems and processes between Farsiight and TradeMutt for us to work and scale fast.

Understandably, considering the sensitive topic of mental health, one of the biggest concerns from the client was to ensure that all creative and messaging was on point and was run by them for approval before going to market.

Good thing that Farsiights’ communication & project management technology stack was built from the ground up with this in mind. Here’s what Mike had to say on the matter – “Seamless – using both Slack and Monday.com we are able to effectively and efficiently communicate collaboratively to provide feedback and approval for content ideas and executions.”

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The Outcome

Record Months Back to Back and a New Winning Creative Formula 

Using TradeMutts’ Wildside Workwear collection drop as the testing platform for our strategy, we put all pieces into play and delivered back-to-back record months across all metrics. Here’s the highlights reel;

  1. 22% Increase in Revenue compared to prior biggest month 
  2. 7.68 Return on Ad Spend Across Paid Media
  3. 29% of Total Sales Revenue Generated from New Channels

It’s been 6 months at the time of writing this case study since we first partnered with TradeMutt, and I’m proud to say that the relationship continues to go from strength to strength. Unlike one-hit wonders like Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice, Farsiight delivers consistently.

Here are some parting words from one of TradeMutt’s founders, Dan Allen, on the partnership we’ve forged together;

“I don’t have too much to say other than working with you lot has been a seamless transition, and absolute joy and just a bloody pleasurable experience. I haven’t felt like I’ve had to look over my shoulder once, and ultimately I know our baby is in the safest of hands with the Farsiight team, so thank you for being so damn solid.”

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