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Arm Your Sales Force With Quota Crushing Best Practices.

The marketplace has changed. Has your sales strategy?


Sales Enablement
Sales Blueprints Designed to Win

When it comes to B2B sales, Farsiights Co-Founder Ben Somerville brings a wealth of real world experience to the table. Having personally led a team of 30 SaaS sales representatives to produce exponential growth in revenue year on year, he is proven to deliver. From mapping out sales processes, restructuring teams, developing content to implementing new technologies we’ve got the blueprints designed to help your sales team win.

Farsiight has helped us save time, attract more customers on a consistent basis and best of all at a cheaper cost. The ability to easily collaborate, report and optimise campaigns has been a great use of our resources and advertising spend! I would highly recommend Farsiight.

Dan Wilson

General Manager

Sell With Confidence

It’s All In The Process
Predictable revenue. We’ve all heard about it, but is it achievable for your company? The starting point of creating a system which consistently & predictably turns qualified leads into revenue is a sales process.
The marketplace has changed. Buyers have more tools and resources at their disposal to help them through the process. Arming you B2B sales team with a customer centric sales process is no longer a ‘nice to have’, it’s a necessity.
Content Is King

Do your sales reps have the content they need to add value to your prospects on every touch? The heart of sales enablement is in arming your reps with the tools and content they need to add value. With benefits such as increased revenue, improved client acquisition and more selling time for sales reps it’s no brainer investment.

Your sales reps need a library of content they can draw from that’s contextual for every platform they work within. From infographics to white papers, short videos and everything in-between, we’ll build out content designed to help your sales force win.

Power Up With Technology

Sales enablement isn’t simply implementing new technology. However, with the right pieces in place, technology can be the fuel on the fire that powers up your sales enablement strategy.

From starting at ground zero and implementing a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software such as PipeDrive or Hubspot to more advanced outreach automation technologies such as Mailshake, we have hands on experience in configuring, driving adoption and gaining return on investment.

Optimise Your Sales Strategy And Bring In More Revenue.

When it comes to sales, we know what we’re doing — let us show you how.