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We are Farsiight – The Agency for Growth.™

What is Farsiight?

Farsiight is the agency that global E-commerce, Saas & Online Marketplace companies trust to deliver scalable customer acquisition strategies. We are The Agency for Growth.™

What is Farsiight?

What is Farsiight

How it Started

What happens in Vegas doesn't always stay

How it Started

What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas, and in this case, that’s a good thing. Bouncing ideas over a couple of Bud Lites, two brothers Josh & Ben Somerville decisively doubled down on their collective two decades of experience in scaling online businesses. The rest they say is history.

Who We Are

A highly diverse cross-continental team drives our company towards one common goal – producing remarkable business growth for our clients we partner with.

We live and breath our culture, which values integrity, extreme accountability and a zero-tolerance for complacency.

Who We Are

Who We Are

Meet the Siighter’s


Josh Somerville
Founder & Head of PPC

Every story starts somewhere, and Farsiight’s starts with Josh. A genuine expert in Pay Per Click Marketing, Josh has dedicated over a decade to honing his craft.

Having managed over $100m of ad spend through his time working at agencies & in-house for a multi-national e-commerce brand.

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Ben Somerville
Co-founder & Head of Operations

A proven sales & marketing leader and MBA grad, Ben brings to the table a wealth of knowledge developed on the coal face working in-house in SaaS and Marketplace companies.

He’s an avid and passionate outdoorsman with a penchant towards anything Patagonia. Don’t mention you like snow sports around him unless you’ve got time up your sleeve.

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Kate Sheridan
Media Buyer & Copywriter

Dropped out of law school, finished a business degree, worked in professional services before jumping feet first into agency life. Moral of this story? Quitting something isn’t game over. 

Testing the limits for how much coffee a human being “should” consume, being borderline irritatingly optimistic, and crafting social media campaigns that create real change for a client’s bottom line.

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Landon Coffelt
PPC Manager

After growing his Instagram account (Shameless plug @fd3s_nation) to over 48k followers and counting, Landon decided to deep dive into the world of digital. After studying at the “Australian Academy of Digital Marketing”, he decided to specialise in PPC Marketing and has dedicated the last several years to honing his craft. 

When he’s not swimming in data, he loves to spend time with his wife, two sons and 3 cats. Did we mention he’s a car fanatic too?

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Nick Graham
PPC Manager

Completed a marketing degree in Cairns & worked marketing in a payments company in the UK for two years before moving to Brisbane to work at a digital agency where I discovered the art of Google Ads – that said it wasn’t until starting at Farsiight that I realised my passion for the industry.

I love diving deep into account data and using these insights to make adjustments to campaigns and am always amazed the effect even minor optimisations can have.

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Ryan Joudoin
Head of Social & CRO

Five years ago, Ryan got his start in E-Commerce, working for an affiliate marketing agency in Canada. They were spending six figures a day on Facebook Ads and generating insane amounts of revenue. He was hooked instantly.

As Farsiight’s Head of Social & CRO, Ryan leads from the front with passion and through his team is responsible for generating millions of dollars in revenue for our partners. 

A diehard DC Comics fan, Ryan still believes one day he could be Batman.

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Hayley Robinson
Creative & Graphic Designer

Hayley completed her bachelor’s degree in design with a minor in advertising, worked in a digital agency, was her own boss for a while, and is now our creative/graphic designer. 

Hayley’s normal workday consists of talking about her dogs, working, and then seeing her dogs.

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Ana Gledovic
PPC Executive

Ana was born & bred in Serbia, where she studied a Masters Degree in Literature at the Faculty of Philosophy. After living in multiple countries working in different industries, Ana finally found happiness in data and numbers. Which, ironically, she hated most of her formal education life.

Ana Loves research, testing new strategies and digging into data to understand user’s behaviour and is the office Oat Milk Queen. 

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Kate Broad
Partner Manager

Kate (aka. Broady) spent her career exclusively client-side, we somehow managed to convince her to join the dark side. As Partner Manager, Broady is the go-to Siighter for our partners and ensures our projects are delivered on time, every time. 

Affectionately know as Office Mum, the saying “I don’t know what we did without you” has never been more true when it comes to Broady!

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Arianna Cimei
Creative & Graphic Designer

In the middle of a building engineering degree in Rome, Ari bought a one-way ticket to Australia where she completed a Degree in Design, specialising in Visual Communication and Interior Design. She’s now our Creative Designer along with the office’s undefeated foosball champion. 

Frequently seen eating calamari with Hayley. In the wild, you’ll likely find her begging feline friends to reciprocate her love.

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Thomas Yarnold
Partner Manager

Starting with a speciality in Google Ads, Thomas has worked across execution, account management, operations and business development over the last few years, landing at Farsiight ready to deliver great results for clients.

Thomas was born in the UK and has travelled across the world before settling in Australia. Like most of the Farsiight team and any digital marketer worth their weight, Thomas has an impeccable taste in coffee and an even more discerning taste in loud shirts. On the weekends you’ll find Thomas wandering the farmers market or bar-hopping with friends.

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Has Chang
PPC Manager

Hao brings to the table a strong background in PPC and Digital Marketing developed through his career working primarily in house for large brands.

Originally from Taiwan, Hao loves to travel and explore and rides an epic e-bike to work.

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Arthur The Wise
Chief Good Boy

Come by the Farsiight office and chances are you’ll be greeted by Arthur, our Chief Good Boy. He contributes quite literally nothing to our marketing campaigns, but he makes up for it with his relentlessly positive attitude.

Arthur loves birds, a trip to the park and snoozing in random spots around the office.

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Farsiight Careers

We’re always looking to welcome amazing people into our growing team. Find out why becoming a “Siighter” is the best decision you’ll make.

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