Google Ads AgencyPutting Profit First

Google Ads AgencyPutting Profit First

With our award-winning profit-first approach to Google Ads and driven by our Growth For Good™ mission, we’re helping smash KPIs for Australia's most ambitious brands.


The Google Ads team you'd rather work with

What’s our secret? We don’t have one. We’re just committed to excellence.

As an award-winning Google Ads agency, we channelled over $14 million into Google Ad spend for our clients last year, so we know a thing or two about crafting campaigns that connect with customers, locally, nationally and globally. Whether you're a SaaS, tech startup or an ecommerce brand that’s ready to branch out, we’re here to help you achieve record-breaking ROAS, hit your growth KPIs and scale with confidence. No junior burgers, just seasoned Google Ads specialists who take ownership of their actions and never leave you hanging.

growth for good

Our mission

Growth for Good defines us.

It means we’re passionate about working with brands that love what they do and how they do it. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity and push tirelessly for profitable growth. Because we believe the best kind of work is work we can all be proud of.


Diversified Google Ads strategies


Meet your team of Google Ads specialists

After working agency side for many years, brothers Josh & Ben saw how the industry was broken. Inexperienced AMs. Agencies taking on any client (even if they weren't sure they could deliver results.) Slow response times. Stale strategies. Poor creatives. Constant excuses and clients being passed from pillar to post. So they founded farsiight to fix it. A partnership with farsiight gives you access to a cross-functional team of marketing specialists in digital strategy, media buying and performance creative. farsiight seamlessly integrates with in-house teams & creates cultural bonds that enable sustained success for your brand. Expect integrity, ethics, accountability, and rapid response times as we relentlessly pursue sustainable growth for your brand. No junior burgers or account managers. Just direct access to a small team of seasoned specialists who respond in hours, not days.

What happens next?

Kickstart your brand’s growth by booking a call with our agency’s director, Ben.

Step 1: Book a Call Click the link below and fill out our form and Ben will be in touch to arrange a time to hop on a video chat. Step 2: Discovery After getting to know you, Ben will ask a series of questions designed to understand your business, challenges, opportunities and the scope of work. After the call, Ben will be able to tell you whether we’re a fit or not. If you’re not a fit, he’ll provide you with some recommendations and potential introductions to who is. Step 3: Strategy Session If your business is a fit, we’ll gain access to the relevant channels and spend 1-2 weeks preparing a tailored strategy. This is not a cookie-cutter approach, we’ll be providing you with exactly what our plan would be for the first 6 months of our engagement. It covers quick-win opportunities, bigger-picture thinking, and creative opportunities. Step 4: Proposal After the call, we’ll share a proposal that covers our Service Level Agreement so you know what to expect from farsiight and vice-versa, proposed pricing and onboarding next steps.

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Frequently asked questions

"Growth for Good”™ is our mission and what defines us. It represents how our people, culture and clients are equally ambitious and fully aligned. From only working with clients we genuinely believe we can help, to focusing on consistent growth through thick and thin, close collaboration, realistic KPIs and total transparency, all driven by an award-winning workplace that attracts top talent, fosters exceptional work and delivers unrivalled service.

Our agency's Director, Ben Somerville, will personally reach out to find a time that suits you. The purpose of the call is to best understand if farsiight will be the right fit for your business. If we both feel there’s a potential partnership, we can discuss the next steps during the call.

You get access to an entire team of performance experts for your business, not just one individual. We structure our team into pods, each dedicated to managing a specific set of accounts, typically ranging from 5 to 8. Within each pod, you'll find a lead strategist who oversees the comprehensive strategy across all channels. This individual serves as the primary point of contact and manages project coordination within the pod. Additionally, there are two specialised media buyers focusing on Google Ads/PPC and Paid Social, along with a creative strategist to ensure a well-rounded approach to account management and campaign execution.

To determine if a client is a good fit, we are looking to answer 3 critical questions. First, does your brand align with our mission: Growth for Good™? We’re emotionally and ethically invested in the success of the brands we represent. Those who set out to enrich and empower their audience get a big tick. Those willing to exploit them are politely shown the door. Next, is there a strong cultural alignment between our teams? We value Integrity, Humility, Passion, Growth & Balance. When these things are fully aligned between us, we can expect the best possible outcomes. Finally, can we contribute to your growth? We refuse to take on clients where there’s no clear opportunity to deliver strong, sustained growth. This means we say no to more brands than we welcome onboard. That way, our energy and expertise are reserved for clients where we can make the most positive impact.

That depends on the scope of work, we don't have set packages. We tailor pricing based on your specific needs and will provide you with a number of options.

Our core specialty is Performance Marketing & Creative for online businesses. From search ads to display and beyond, we have a wealth of experience in paid media across industries like eCommerce, SaaS, Marketplace, B2B, Finance, Education, Travel and more.

In the last year alone, our team has managed over $14 million in Google Ad spend for our clients. With a combined experience of 42 years, we have an intimate knowledge of the Google Ad platform and continue to innovate, adapt and evolve with it at every turn. Our well-defined systems and processes leave no room for oversight. From essential monthly efficiency tasks like refining negative keywords, enhancing RSA ad strength, and adjusting bids to our unwavering commitment to developing new growth strategies, we are obsessed with fostering sustainable and continuous growth for our clients.

We can’t speak for other Google Ads agencies, but at farsiight, our number one goal is to drive sustainable growth for your brand. We leverage Google's full suite of channels within Google Ads to deliver your ads to the right people at the right time. We are experts at analysing data, and knowing how to make strategic shifts within our campaigns to drive higher amounts of your ad budget towards the top performing areas. From strategy to creative, daily management and optimisation, our Google Ads experts have an unwavering commitment to our clients’ success.

We don't have set packages. Instead, we tailor pricing based on your specific needs and will provide you with a number of options to move forward. Rest assured, we only work with brands that we're confident we can help grow.

When you search on Google, you usually see several results depending on the search; organic, sponsored and maps. Organic results are displayed for free by Google as they are deemed most relevant. However, optimising your website to appear on page one of the search results can take months or even years. On the other hand, sponsored results (aka Google Ads) allow you to immediately display your website or products in the search results above the organic listings for any keyword you want and only pay when someone clicks on your listing. Because Google Ads works on a bidding system, you can expect to pay more per click for more competitive keywords. However, these keywords are often more likely to lead to a conversion.

Making the right channel selection for testing is a critical decision that can significantly impact your profitability. We like to begin with high-intent channels like search and shopping before exploring other channels within Google's platform. Google Search is typically the channel with the least resistance and the highest conversion rates. For ecommerce businesses, launching standard shopping or Performance Max campaigns is recommended to secure placement in shopping listings. These channels use pull marketing, targeting individuals actively searching for your service or product. Push marketing channels such as YouTube, Display, and Discovery are often used for retargeting purposes and performance-focused objectives. If not utilised as retargeting channels, similar to Paid Social advertising, these channels deliver ads to users who may not be actively searching for your service or product, resulting in lower conversion rates than search and shopping. Selecting the appropriate channel depends on your specific goals and Google Ads budget. We’re here to help; starting with a free consultation to map your growth strategy.