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How we work

Who we work with

There's no getting away from it, we are highly selective about the brands we choose to partner with. We do not have 100's of clients and that is intentional. At farsiight, we are playing a different game. Our methodology is quite simple. Partner with brands we believe in and invest deeply in working together to produce big outcomes contributing to their sustained success.

Ben and Josh

Are we the right fit?

If you're considering working with farsiight, our Director, Ben Somerville, will lead you through a thorough discovery process to determine if we will be a good match. During this process, we'll look to answer three questions together:

We’re emotionally and ethically invested in the success of the brands we represent. Those who set out to enrich and empower their audience get a big tick. Those willing to exploit them are politely shown the door.

We value Integrity, Humility, Passion, Growth & Balance. When these go both ways, the commercial and cultural outcomes are always better.

If we don’t see a clear opportunity to deliver strong, sustained growth, we won’t string you along, or take your money. It means we say no to more brands than we welcome onboard. That way, our energy and expertise goes where it can do most good, for our people and our partners.


Partner Testimonial

"Their analysis was particularly detailed, insightful, and impressed investors in the business (many of whom are considered to be in the top 10 marketers in Australia). The analysis gave us confidence to select farsiight from other agencies we spoke with."

Sam McConkey


Co-Founder, Bare


How we work

Sick of being palmed off to juniors, constant excuses and strategy that’s more stale than an old packet of chips? We thought so. farsiight is taking a different approach.

Josh and Kayla presenting

Digital Specialists

Meet Your Integrated Team of Digital Specialists

A partnership with farsiight gives you access to a cross-functional team of marketing specialists in digital strategy, media buying and performance creative. We seamlessly integrate with in-house teams & create cultural bonds that will see us deliver sustained success for your brand.

Expect the Best

The Results You Expect & the Customer Experience You Deserve.

While delivering results is the foundation of our partnership, we go beyond that to provide an agency experience like no other. Expect integrity, proactive communication, diligent project management and extreme accountability over issues should they arise.

Zero Complacency

A Relentless Pursuit of Growth

We’ve all learnt the hard way in recent years that the game can change overnight. To achieve sustained success, your brand needs to be one step ahead at all times. Our team keeps on the bleeding edge of emerging technologies, digital strategy and ad platforms to ensure that your brand remains relevant and resilient to change.


What we do

Successful marketing campaigns are not built in silos. Learn more about how we take a holistic approach to building omnichannel performance marketing strategies that leverage our range of specialist services.