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We’re excited to meet you! Here’s what you'll cover on your call with our Director, Ben Somerville:

  • Deep dive into your business, current challenges & growth opportunities.

  • Discovery of the initial scope of work and capabilities required from our team.

  • An honest appraisal as to if we are the right fit based on your needs.

  • If there's a fit, we'll discuss the next steps involved to prepare you a comprehensive strategy.

  • If not, Ben will provide some recommendations and make intros where he can.

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A few words from our Director

"The best part of my role as the Director at farsiight is meeting with inspiring entrepreneurs and marketing leaders like yourself. There is no selling on these calls. We'll take the time together to dive deep into your business so I can understand your company's growth goals and scope out whether my team at farsiight is the best fit to help you achieve these."

Ben Somerville


Director @ farsiight


Frequently Asked Questions

Here's the answers to the questions we get asked regularly.

During our new client due diligence we are looking to answer 3 critical questions which determine a good fit for Farsiight. First, does your brand align with our mission: growth for good? We’re emotionally and ethically invested in the success of the brands we represent. Those who set out to enrich and empower their audience get a big tick. Those willing to exploit them are politely shown the door. Next, is there a strong cultural alignment between our teams? We value Integrity, Humility, Passion, Growth & Balance. When these go both ways, the commercial and cultural outcomes are always better. Finally, can we contribute to your success? If we don’t see a clear opportunity to deliver strong, sustained growth, we won’t string you along, or take your money. It means we say no to more brands than we welcome onboard. That way, our energy and expertise goes where it can do most good, for our people and our partners.

No. We are a specialist performance marketing and creative agency. We have a network of specialist agencies in disciplines like SEO & Email who we partner with to provide a complete offering.

Our People, Mission, Methodology and Specialty in that order. There’s no secret about it, we’ve got the best people in the business working here at farsiight. The fuel in the fire is our mission - Growth for Good. Driven by this mission, our people are armed with a winning methodology for delivering our service which we call The Sustained Success OS. Last but not least, we’re not a jack of all trades agency. We are specialist Performance Marketers & Creatives who live and breathe delivering sustained success for brands through performance marketing.

That depends on the scope of work. Based on your needs we will tailor a quote and provide a number of options.

Yes. Our core specialty is Performance Marketing & Creative for online businesses. We have a wealth of experience across industries like eCommerce, SaaS, Marketplace, B2B, Finance, Education, Travel and others.

Our agency's Director, Ben Somerville, will personally reach out to find a time that best suits your schedule. The purpose of the call is to best understand if farsiight will be the right fit for your business. If both parties feel strongly there is potential in a partnership we’ll talk next steps from there.