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TradeMutt partnered with farsiight during a scale-up phase of their business and gave us the challenge to push the envelope of their performance creative, diversify into new paid media channels, and drive growth in new geo markets.

TradeMutts’ Co-Founder, Ed Ross, wanted “a partner to do the heavy lifting in helping us scale up our brand through paid media channels, specifically social and search, in a collaborative, creative and highly iterative way.” Our goal was two-fold; build off the solid foundations already laid in Paid Social, deliver a new creative direction and expose the brand to new revenue opportunities through Google’s Network. At the time of signing off on the partnership, TradeMutt had a brand new product drop, ‘The Wildside Workwear’ launching in 4 weeks’ time. The stage was set, and the pressure was on our team to deliver a record sales month and ensure that all stock sold out.

Trademutt Owners

The Partnership

A Seamless Transition

TradeMutt’s leadership team were upfront in early discussions that the brand was fast moving, dynamic and were looking to meet ambitious revenue targets in order to meet their social impact goals for their associated charity TIACS. “Once we met, I outlined our company strategy and was upfront that this is the way we need to work. farsiight took the strategy, embraced it, developed their own processes to complement it and proceeded to deliver results that exceeded KPI's on day one, and continue to blow us away today.” - Mike Watkins, Marketing Director Over the following six months our team had the absolute pleasure of working closely with both co-founders Ed Ross and Dan Allen and Marketing Director Mike Watkins. Beyond celebrating some significant wins along the way, each weekly meeting was an opportunity to dive deeper into the brand which continually improved the strategic and creative output from our team. In true TradeMutt fashion Co-Founder Daniel Allen held no punches when it came to providing feedback six months into our partnership; “I don’t have too much to say other than working with you lot has been a seamless transition, an absolute joy and just a bloody pleasurable experience. I haven’t felt like I’ve had to look over my shoulder once, and ultimately I know our baby is in the safest of hands with the farsiight team, so thank you for being so damn solid.”


The Process


The opportunities with the biggest short and long term impact we identified were to help Trademutt diversify their paid channel mix as at the time they were exclusively advertising through Meta. Second was to incorporate a systematic approach to creative testing into their performance marketing strategy. Beyond these two initial goals we wanted to put our best foot forward integrating with TradeMutt’s inhouse team who were owning the overarching brand strategy and owned channels (organic socials, email, sms, etc.).

Trademutt Clothing
Trademutt Clothing

Based on the research conducted by our PPC team it was clear that Google Ads had the strongest potential as a new channel. Whilst the search volumes were extremely low for hyper targeted keywords to TradeMutt’s offering there were significant volumes for generic terms and some of the leading workwear brands in market. Our hypothesis was that because TradeMutt’s apparel is so visually appealing that it could perform well on Google Shopping when positioned next to standard hi-vis workwear. Through deep analysis of existing data within TradeMutt’s Meta account, we were able to drill down into high-performing creative formats. These were further segmented by their effectiveness at each stage in the funnel (TOF, MOF, BOF).

Trademutt Ad
Trademutt Clothing

Here is a sample of the analysis; - Story focused videos performed best in TOF - Videos did not perform well in retargeting (MOF & BOF) - Lifestyle collage images performed best in MOF - GIFs had a high Thumb Stop Rate (TSR) With this analysis on hand we were able to brief into TradeMutt’s internal content team the required shot lists for the upcoming product drops and briefed in our internal performance creative on the required outputs for ad placements across Google’s network & Meta Ads. When asked to summarise our creative process here’s what Mike from TradeMutt had to say... “Week to week farsiight develop fresh creative concepts that align to our ecommerce product calendar - they manage the process from concept through to creation, through to implementation and optimisation - I cannot stress enough how much confidence we have in the farsiight team to deliver what we need, when we need it.”


The Performance

Breaking records month on month

Through an incredible, joint effort between TradeMutt and farsiight’s teams, we achieved unprecedented success with the Wildside Workwear product drop. This was only amplified by our month-on-month approach to optimising the strategy based on data insights - a winning formula that saw us post back to back record months.


Month on Month Revenue Growth

Blended ROI Across Paid Media


of Monthly Sales Revenue Generated from New Channels


What Trademutt had to say about the outcome

“Their ability to marry up the two very different worlds of Social and Search in a seamless way - which gives us as a client total confidence that they will hit the mark in both areas, whilst maintaining creative consistency - something which is hard to find in today's agency landscape.”

Mike Watkins


Marketing Director, Trademutt