Zoe Kratzmann came to farsiight with growth in mind. Having put in the hard yards to their brand, curation, owned channels and marketing as a whole, they were ready for a capable agency to take the reigns and scale paid media and the brand itself to new heights. After two decades creating effortless, elevated and versatile apparel and footwear for the modern woman, home-grown fashion brand, Zoe Kratzmann, was ready to go global. With their sights set on the uber-competitive US market, they needed a marketing partner that would go the distance, delivering scale across all paid channels. In exploring their paid media efforts, Farsiight quickly made ground in increasing efficiency, and effectively scaled spend and revenue MoM for the remainder of 2022, resulting in YoY revenue increases in excess of 100%.

zoe kratzmann clothes

The Partnership

Zoe Kratzmann said from the start they needed a responsible and skilled Australian agency to effectively join their marketing team, and own the paid media operation from top to bottom. farsiight’s MO with ZK is speed and efficiency, with their internal team supporting farsiight in achieving this via quick turnaround on required resources. Lines of communication stay open and messages are exchanged frequently throughout the day, meaning feedback on performance and scaling efforts can be passed back and forth easily. “We interviewed 8 agencies, and the entire process from start to finish from farsiight was beyond superior to others. The audit conducted was brilliant, insightful and strategic with realistic projections on what they would deliver. Their knowledge and expertise was deep, and their business model in terms of how they work with clients and who they take on was exactly what we were looking for. farsiight demonstrated a level of ability and delivery we had not seen before.”


The Process


The onboarding part of the farsiight process is all about becoming one with the internal team, allowing us to absorb and take on as much information about the brand and marketing strategies as possible. In this phase, we tear down any existing marketing efforts and analyse what is and isn’t working, and why. Taking the time here enables us to proceed with confidence. “After a series of on-boarding and strategy meetings, farsiight got to work immediately and lifted the performance of all of our paid channels. Doing what they call ‘hygiene work’, ensuring audience targeting, account setup and funnel setup was all on-point.

zoe kratzmann clothes
zoe kratzmann clothes

“After a series of on-boarding and strategy meetings, farsiight got to work immediately and lifted the performance of all of our paid channels. Doing what they call ‘hygiene work’, ensuring audience targeting, account setup and funnel setup was all on-point. An immediate and notable finding was that across all channels, very little new customer acquisition was being prioritised, meaning campaigns largely focused on engaged users or existing customers and results were largely over-inflated for that reason. A complete funnel rebuild later, and revenue and new customer numbers started to tick upwards.

zoe kratzmann clothes
zoe kratzmann clothes

Since then, we have moved onto video production, creative expansion, international launch campaigns and lead generation. All of which have delivered excellent results to date. Since starting with farsiight, we have seen growth week-on-week, consistently.” The work with Zoe Kratzmann quickly progressed into scaling. Marketing efficiency grew substantially in the initial period thanks to the hard work of the media buyers, leading us to push the ZK team for more and more scale. With the Q4 holiday season looming, we wanted to be in the best possible position to blow it out of the water for them and drive huge success year-over-year. "I have worked closely with the entire team from our lead strategist, co-founders, heads of departments and technical managers across Meta and Search. The quality of work, service and efficiency from farsiight is nothing we have seen from an agency before. They are proactive in driving us forward and recommending what we should be doing next. The transparency is outstanding. Communication is constant. They are simply easy and brilliant to work with.”


The Performance

The impact of farsiight’s work on paid media channels was relatively immediate and sustained. Paid social in particular showed early promise, and with effective audience and creative testing the team discovered winning attributes and began to scale spend. Within three months, revenue was up threefold, with both channels seeing huge results. The growth for the brand has been so significant that they have recently had to upgrade warehouses to cater for the increase in demand.


Revenue growth year on year (2021 vs 2022)


What zoe kratzmann had to say about the outcome

"Since farsiight took over our paid efforts, sales from social have grown by 200%. We have been able to get some big wins on the board in a very short window of time. And have launched critical strategic projects under their guidance that have been waiting in the wings for years. We have a sense of confidence and excitement within the team about what future holds as a result of this partnership."

Kim Harvey


Marketing Director, Zoe Kratzmann