Blog inspired by our Article Ft. on APAC Search Awards Website.

2024 Best Small Integrated Agency

The award submission was centred around having recently restructured the digital team to improve our omni-channel capabilities by removing silos. This transformation came with many hurdles and extensive risk mitigation – including service delivery and people management, all while navigating an economic downturn.

Throughout the six-month transition period, our dedicated digital team not only persevered but thrived, maintaining our leading retention rate of 93.7% and above. The positive feedback we received from the team highlighted the tangible improvements in work processes, reduced stress levels, and improved overall performance, validating the efforts put into the restructuring.

Coinciding with the restructure, we engaged a HR firm to create and formalise our own version of a performance development plan, which we call a “Growth Plan”, in line with our tagline “Growth for Good”. These include a quarterly growth review for each employee and regular monthly 1x1s fostering a workplace culture where substantial career growth is not just encouraged or spoken about in meetings but realised.

Our commitment to our team extends beyond professional development. farsiight provides a myriad of benefits, including flexible working hours and locations, flexible public holidays, an annual $1,000 Education Fund, monthly half-day Fridays for team-building or early weekend starts, a birthday day off, and a dedicated culture budget.

Here’s what some of the team had to say:

“I think everyone believes they work for the best team, but farsiight truly is an amazing agency & one I can definitely say I’m proud to work for. We might be small, but everyone is exceptionally talented & we’re able to get some amazing work done while also giving ourselves time to relax & catch up.” – Lachlan – Performance Manager

“farsiight really puts people first and it’s so refreshing to work in an agency that truly cares. There is this amazing synergy between driving growth for our clients and ourselves professionally. But never at the cost of our work-life balance and I think that’s what makes us really stand out. It makes me so proud to be a part of this team and to be nominated for this award is the cherry on top.” – Malinder – Senior Performance Manager


Josh Somerville

Josh loves a good pair of socks, so much so that he walks around the office without shoes on… a little too often. We’ll cut him some slack since he literally couldn’t hurt a fly and buys the team beer. Josh is the taller co-founder who’s still trying to beat his 62 year old father at Triathlon, with little luck and a bruised ego for it. When he’s not ensuring ad platforms are working cohesively together he’s probably spending his time with his partner Emily balancing the relationship between his cat Marco and border collie Bailey.