The 2023 SEMrush Awards marked our agency’s first-ever crack into winning a digital campaign award, and needless to say, we were thrilled with the outcome.

Being named finalists in three categories—Best Online Marketing Campaign – Retail, Best Marketing Agency, and Young Search Professional of the Year was already an incredible honour.

And the icing on the cake was that we were named winners in the Best Online Marketing Campaign – Retail.

Let me share a bit about the campaign we submitted.

Best Online Marketing Campaign – Retail
The campaign centred around our collaboration with Cycology, where we redefined their approach to measuring marketing success. Shifting the focus from platform ROAS to Marketing Efficiency Ratio (MER), we experienced year-on-year growth during an economic downturn, simultaneously enhancing their first-time orders which was a pivotal factor in our success.

One of the judges, Shefali Joshi, commended our exceptional use of comprehensive marketing strategies, emphasizing the transition to MER with meticulous analysis and understanding. The incorporation of creative assets and a commendable utilization of full marketing attribution further contributed to our success.

Our submission was a testament to our fantastic partnership with Michael from Cycology and our commitment to working closer with businesses on a P&L level to improve outcomes.

Massive shout out to the dream team that made this possible; Simón, Malinder, Lachlan, Arianna and Nick.

cycology meeting photo

farsiight x Cycology

Here’s what some of the team had to say:

“I’m so proud of my team for winning such a prestigious award. We worked so hard to show the power of looking beyond in-platform results. We also demonstrated that this method actually works and drives real growth for the business. Which is our ultimate goal for any client we work with.” – Malinder, Senior Performance Manager

“The team working on Cycology have formed such a strong connection with Cycology and truly grown and future-proofed their marketing and the business. Winning this award is exciting because it means that our strategies are not just something we are proud of as an agency and a team, but can also stand out in the digital marketing industry.” – Nick, PPC Manager

We also want to take this moment to extend our congratulations to Nick Graham, our finalist in the Young Search Professional of the Year category. Nick has seen remarkable growth since joining farsiight, driven by his outstanding work ethic. We’re so proud to see you get recognised at an industry level.

Read more about farsiight x Cycology here.


Josh Somerville

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