Blog inspired by our Article Ft. on Global Social Media Awards Website.

Best Large Agency

This award submission featured our prestigious Creative Strategy Offering. At farsiight we are staying on top of the pulse with the ever-changing privacy challenges in paid social. We’ve adapted and focused on what gets our clients to cut through the noise: creativity.

Responding to the diminishing effectiveness of traditional media buying approaches, we prioritised the development of a robust creative strategy offering. This new approach aims to enhance collaboration between farsiight and its clients, resulting in higher quality creatives with reduced revision cycles. Importantly, these enhancements seamlessly integrate into the agency’s existing paid social retainer packages.

One of the primary challenges we encountered was bridging the gap between data-driven media buying and creative strategy. Leveraging “Motion,” a cutting-edge technology platform that delivers visual reports tailored to designers’ expertise, along with a focus on continuous upskilling, we successfully addressed this hurdle. This integration empowers more efficient and autonomous decision-making in the creative process.

At farsiight, we distinguish ourselves through our resilience, growth mindset, and dedicated efforts in introducing our innovative creative strategy service. This service has not only yielded exceptional results for clients but has also positioned farsiight as a frontrunner in the industry. As a result, we’ve secured larger contracts and achieved a higher success rate in competitive bids.

Here is a few words from farsiight’s creative strategist, Hayley Robinson: 

“We’re super proud to be finalists in the “Best Large Agency” award! Over the past 12 months, the creative offering at farsiight has changed dramatically. Ari and I are up-skilled in creative performance data analysis and can identify key trends using creative performance metrics.

It allows us to do extensive creative testing for our clients, getting the most out of each angle, hook and asset. We can see the journey of an asset from start to finish. We create a hypothesis based on the data we see and execute on the creative. We test the asset within the platform and based off that data, see if our original hypothesis was correct. This allows us to identify iteration opportunities and new opportunities for the accounts.

We analyse industry trends in multiple social media platforms which allows us to pull key insights and themes. We analyse client competitors, industry trends within ads and platforms, which helps inform how we curate our clients creative assets to their audiences.

It’s been amazing to provide a range of new services to our clients. Being able to help them understand how their audiences interact with creative and how to get them to convert.”

Josh Somerville

Josh loves a good pair of socks, so much so that he walks around the office without shoes on… a little too often. We’ll cut him some slack since he literally couldn’t hurt a fly and buys the team beer. Josh is the taller co-founder who’s still trying to beat his 62 year old father at Triathlon, with little luck and a bruised ego for it. When he’s not ensuring ad platforms are working cohesively together he’s probably spending his time with his partner Emily balancing the relationship between his cat Marco and border collie Bailey.