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We are thrilled to announce that our co-founders, Ben and Josh Somerville, have been featured in Mumbrella’s “Dynamic Duos” series.

In the article, Ben and Josh share their journey from childhood to co-founding farsiight. They delve into their entrepreneurial roots, inspired by their parents who were hardworking restaurant owners. The brothers’ distinct skill sets have been a significant asset to their collaboration, with Ben bringing expertise in business, sales, and finance, while Josh excels in performance marketing.

Highlights from the Article:

Ben on Josh: “Josh and I obviously grew up together, so we know each other’s strengths and blind spots like no one else. His experience from working in various agencies across Australia and North America has always given him a clear idea of the type of agency he’d like to build. When he asked me to join Farsiight, it was a no-brainer.”

Josh on Ben: “Teaming up in business with your brother often raises eyebrows, but we view it as a major strength. Our shared values, vision for the company, work ethic, and alignment on finances mean we move fast and rarely have to question each other’s judgment.”


Josh Somerville

Josh loves a good pair of socks, so much so that he walks around the office without shoes on… a little too often. We’ll cut him some slack since he literally couldn’t hurt a fly and buys the team beer. Josh is the taller co-founder who’s still trying to beat his 62 year old father at Triathlon, with little luck and a bruised ego for it. When he’s not ensuring ad platforms are working cohesively together he’s probably spending his time with his partner Emily balancing the relationship between his cat Marco and border collie Bailey.