How it Started

Work180’s mission is to raise organisational standards so that all women can choose workplaces where they can thrive. They endorse amazing employers who are committed to raising standards for women and promote job vacancies at these organisations, highlighting their top benefits and inclusive policies. When Work180 approached farsiight in June 2022, they were looking for a Partner agency to help them with employer retention initiatives. This included delivering page views to employer pages and job pages on the WORK180 website, as well as attracting job applications. Work180 developed their own metric called ‘Minimum Acceptable Views’ (MAV) and set a target for each employer as to how many visits their employer pages should receive each month (based on the employer’s package and spend with Work180). With their sights set on 50% MAV within 6 months, 75% MAV within 9 months and 100% MAV within 12 months, Work180 needed a marketing partner that would go the distance, delivering efficiencies and growth month-over-month in three key geographies: Australia, USA, and the UK. farsiight was up for the challenge! 💥

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The Partnership

From the very beginning, Work180’s team were searching for a Partner that would take ownership of performance and view their business goals as their own. They had worked with an agency previously that was not delivering results, and needed to completely pivot their strategy to prioritise specific employers or employer categories throughout the month to reach their MAV targets. Our team made the transition smooth and easy for them. We took the time to deeply understand their business model and unique requirements, tailoring our approach to their specific conversion goals. “We supplied a brief to farsiight that detailed our key audiences, targets and metrics for our digital marketing budget over the next 12 months. Farsight reviewed this brief and came back to us with a detailed plan that was broken down month by month and clearly explained what strategies would be developed and implemented at each stage.” - Lauren O’Connor, Senior Marketing Operations Manager With targets and milestones set, the farsiight team wasted no time kicking into action! We developed a comprehensive Search and Display advertising strategy designed to maximise the number of employers that reach their monthly MAV target. This included designing a strategic budget allocation plan and establishing ongoing processes and detailed reporting to track MAV pacing. We completed extensive keyword research and also briefed in Display creatives, providing guidance and direction to the Work180 design team on best practices and formatting requirements.

The team was highly motivated to deliver work that would have a direct impact on Work180 as a business, as well as larger social impacts on the improvement of organisational standards for women around the world. Within the first month, we exceeded our MAV target by 10%, and within the first 6 months we were hitting our MAV milestones 3 months ahead of schedule. The growth was phenomenal! “Since we have engaged farsiight to manage our search engine marketing, our website page views and goal conversions have increased dramatically. We have already hit key milestone targets after only three months of working with them.” - Lauren O’Connor, Senior Marketing Operations Manager

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The Process


A necessary requirement of our “MAV Attack” strategy was to quickly and easily reduce/stop spend for specific employers once they reached their MAV target, as well as reallocate budget and efforts towards employers falling behind. Our team was fast and agile to make these budget adjustments throughout the month, gaining key learnings that helped us improve our timing and strategy the following month. Over time we only got better and better as we refined our strategy, ultimately exceeding Work180’s MAV targets every single month. 🔥

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“It has been a very different experience to our first half of the year, and absolutely fantastic to be reporting such strong month on month improvements. Your approach to keeping us informed, proactively identifying opportunities and generally being a nice bunch of people to work with has been exactly what we needed - so please keep up the good work!” - Jane Cormack, Chief Product Officer Display advertising was a cost-effective channel which gave us greater control over the distribution of budgets and traffic to specific employer pages. It was a relatively new channel for Work180 with previously minimal spend, which enabled us to reach a larger audience of potential job applicants through a vast network of websites and mobile apps that are part of the Google Display Network. We targeted our ads to specific audiences based on their demographics, interests, and behaviours, implementing both TOF (top of funnel), and MOF (middle of funnel) display ads retargeting previous website visitors.

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The Performance

Through the collaborative effort between Work180 and farsiight’s teams, we’ve achieved successful month-over-month MAV growth and exceeded all targets. We’ve been able to hit 100% MAV in the UK and USA consistently and reduce the number of employers in Work180’s High Risk of Churn category to 0% over the last three months in a row (for the first time ever!).


Growth in MAV in 7 months


MAV for all priority clients every month


Reduction in high risk of churn clients


Reduction in medium risk of churn clients


What Work180 had to say about the outcome

"Since we have engaged farsiight to manage our search engine marketing, our website page views and goal conversions have increased dramatically. We have already hit key milestone targets after only three months of working with them."

Lauren O'Connor


Senior Marketing Operations Manager