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farsiight’s team has extensive in-house and agency experience working with some of Australia’s fastest growing SaaS startups and scaleups. Together working with our brands we have a proven track record of building demand generation programs that produce qualified pipeline and revenue. We call this sustained success.

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“We’ve seen a solid increase in signups for our product. The acquisition rate has been successful, and we’re also happy with our cost per acquisition. Overall, the metrics we’ve been tracking have all been good.”

Gary Zurnamer


CEO & Co-founder


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Sick of investing significant capital into paid ads only to generate endless MQLs which don’t convert? We thought so. At farsiight we focus on generating what matters most in SaaS, qualified pipeline and MRR.


Frequently Asked Questions

Hands-on experience & immersion. Before joining farsiight as Co-founder, Ben Somerville spent the best part of 5 years leading the sales and marketing teams at a high growth B2B SaaS company (FLX:ASX) in Australia. Ryan Joudoin, farsiight’s Head of Social & CRO got his start as an Account Executive at Canadian SaaS company Procurify before transitioning into a career in Media Buying. Between them, they have distilled their tried and tested strategies into replicable playbooks for growth. A partnership with farsiight gives you access to this IP and the economies of scale benefits associated with driving digital campaigns for other leading SaaS companies. Last but not least, we fully immerse ourselves in the industry. From attending the leading SaaS conferences, continually sharpening our skillset using ConversionXL, to keeping up to date with industry news and trends, our team lives and breathes SaaS.

There are two key factors which dictate what will be the best marketing channels for your SaaS company to use. First and foremost is the level of awareness for the problem you solve and the solution you offer within your market. Why does this matter? Let’s use the following example to illustrate. Example: CRM Software There is a very high level of awareness for both the problem, solution and even the products (PipeDrive, HubSpot, Zoho) that exist within this vertical. What does that mean? There are vast volumes high intent search traffic that can be capitalised on the leading search engines (Google, Microsoft & Yahoo). If your SaaS fits in a similar category, then it’s highly likely that search engine marketing (SEM) will be the driving force behind your paid customer acquisition. The second factor that plays a decisive role in what marketing channels you should use for your SaaS company are your metrics. We cannot put enough emphasis on how important this is. Knowing your customer LTV (Lifetime Value) and target CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) is critical when analysing what marketing channels to use for your SaaS as this guides what you can afford to pay to acquire a customer in the respective channels. If you know your metrics and are wanting some advice on what marketing channels you should use for your SaaS company book a call and we will provide you with a free comprehensive analysis.

No. LTV (Lifetime Value) is a critical metric when it comes to launching paid acquisition for SaaS. If you do not know what your LTV is, then you are likely guessing what your CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) needs to be. And if you are guessing your CAC and using that to guide your paid acquisition strategy, that is a recipe for disaster and wasted capital. Dropbox famously made this costly mistake in their early years spending big on Google Ads only to realise they were paying between $233 – $388 to acquire a customer who’s lifetime value was only $99. Ouch.

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Yes. As a result of partnering with many venture-backed SaaS companies, we are well versed in building out custom reports and dashboards that present the metrics that matter most. Coupled with comprehensive commentary, we will arm you with everything you need to report back on our marketing initiatives at your next board or investor meeting.