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    The D2C E-Commerce Marketing Game Has Changed.

    In the past 12 months, two seismic events have changed the landscape for D2C eCommerce brands. As a result of COVID-19, eCommerce experienced ten years’ growth in 3 months. Traditional brick and mortar retailers flocked online creating an unprecedented spike in competition on the core ad platforms.

    Fast forward to January 2021, and Apple releases iOS14 which overnight has fundamentally changed the way eCommerce brands advertise on Facebook and Instagram.

    The game has changed, has your eCommerce marketing strategy?

    The D2C E-Commerce Marketing Game Has Changed.

     E-Commerce Marketing Agency Game

    The Specialist E-Commerce Marketing Agency.

    Ryan Joudoin - Farsiight Head of E-Commerce Marketing Agency

    The Specialist E-Commerce Marketing Agency.

    Five years ago, I got my start in E-Commerce, working for an affiliate marketing agency in Canada. They were spending six figures a day on Facebook Ads and generating insane amounts of revenue. I was hooked instantly.

    Since then, I’ve been fortunate enough to work under industry titans like Nick Shackleford and in-house for brands like PetHonesty.

    The E-Commerce team that we’ve built at Farsiight is the culmination of my experience to date. We are a team of paid advertising and creative specialists who live and breath, helping D2C E-Commerce brands scale their revenue.

    Ryan Joudoin, Head of Social & CRO

    Communication so Damn Good, It’ll Feel like We’re in the Same Room.

    We leverage the worlds best communication and project management software to put you, our customer, in the centre of everything we do.

    We’ll collaborate on Slack, meet face to face via Zoom, provide custom reports through Google Data Studio and give you complete visibility over projects in Monday.

    Communication so Damn Good, It’ll Feel like We’re in the Same Room.

    Communication so Damn Good

    A Relentless Pursuit of Results.

    The E-Commerce Marketing Team at work

    A Relentless Pursuit of Results.

    A zero-tolerance for complacency sits at the heart of our company culture. As your partner, we are relentless in the pursuit of new strategies and opportunities that will move the needle on your E-Commerce companies growth.

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    Our E-Commerce Marketing Services

    Omnichannel paid acquisition strategies that are designed from the ground up to scale your revenue profitably.

    Google Ads

    Google Ads

    Turn the world’s leading search engine into a consistent growth channel for your business. 

    Google Display Ads

    Google Display Ads

    Convert cold audiences and retarget with compelling creative across Google’s Display Network. 

    Google Shopping

    Google Shopping Ads

    Drive more e-commerce revenue through Google’s exclusive channel for products.


    Facebook Ads

    Drive massive scale using the world’s largest and most sophisticated social network.


    Instagram Ads

    Leverage direct response creatives to convert cold and warm audiences on Instagram.


    YouTube Ads

    We execute conversion-focused YouTube strategies aimed at telling stories with epic creative.

    Google Ads

    Google Ads

    Turn the world's leading search engine into a consistent growth channel for your business.
    Google Display Ads

    Google Display Ads

    Convert cold audiences and retarget with compelling creative across Google's Display Network.
    Google Shopping Ads

    Google Shopping Ads

    Drive more e-commerce revenue through Google's exclusive channel for products.
    Microsoft Ads

    Bing Ads

    Diversify your paid search strategy on the leading challenger search engine, Microsoft Bing.

    Facebook Ads

    Drive massive scale using the world's largest and most sophisticated social network.
    Instagram Ads

    Instagram Ads

    Leverage direct response creatives to convert cold and warm audiences on Instagram.
    YouTube Ads

    YouTube Ads

    We execute conversion-focused YouTube strategies aimed at telling stories with epic creative.

    E-Commerce Marketing Case Study.

    200% Decrease in CPA for a Global SaaS Company.


    E-Commerce Marketing Agency TradeMutt Case Study

    TradeMutt partnered with Farsiight during a scale-up phase of their business and challenged us with pushing the envelope on creative whilst also penetrating new market segments.

    Our goal was two-fold; build off the solid foundations already laid in Paid Social with a new creative direction and acquire new scale through Google’s Network.

    Using TradeMutts’ Wildside Workwear collection drop as the testing platform for our strategy, we put all pieces into play and delivered a record month across all metrics.


    Increase in Revenue


    Return on Ad Spend


    Revenue from New Channels

    TradeMutt Case Study

    The Time To Pivot Your E-Commerce Marketing Strategy Is Now.

    Stop burning ad spend on paid advertising campaigns that do not scale. Get a tailored, data-driven strategy for your E-Commerce brand today.

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    This creative increased our partners monthly revenue by 266%.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What makes Farsiight a specialist E-Commerce Marketing Agency?


    We did the math… Farsiights Head of Social & Conversion Rate Optimization Ryan Joudoin has spent roughly 20,440 hours working explicitly in the eCommerce space. 

    From building stores from the ground to designing sales pages to writing email sequences to crafting the perfect offer, our eCommerce experience allows us to construct intuitive acquisition funnels that align with your business objectives throughout your Customer’s entire lifecycle.  

    We specialize in fashion and apparel, baby and pets, home and garden, and info-products. 

    No matter which niche your business serves, one thing remains true for all, the success of your acquisition funnel depends on your understanding of what motivates your customers and the degree to which you can craft your offer to align perfectly with their motivations. 
    Remember, your offer is not your product. Rather, your offer is how you present your product. 

    Getting this right will unlock your true scale potential. We help you do this using our proprietary Ad Planner System™.

    What are the best marketing channels for my eCommerce company?


    One thing we love about eCommerce is that it works well in all channels when executed properly.

    The question then becomes, which channel do I start with and which channels will drive my company’s growth most? 

    Let’s forget about channel compliance requirements for a second and consider something so basic that most digital advertisers tend to overlook it entirely (to their detriment)….

    When it comes to your product, your prospects exist in a certain level of awareness, which means they’ll have a certain degree of existing intent behind the desire to purchase your product. 

    Here’s a look at the varying levels of awareness:

    – Problem unaware
    – Problem aware
    – Solution unaware
    – Solution aware
    – Your solution aware

    Where do your prospects exist before you attempt to communicate with them? 

    If you’re selling a brand new product that solves a problem your prospects didn’t know they have, then it’s up to you to educate them! 

    This also means they likely have little to no intent to purchase your product. You need to create it! 

    Now, let’s explore the two different types of marketing:
    Push – creating customer-intent. Example: Paid Social 
    Pull – leveraging existing customer-intent. Example: Search Engine, Retargeting

    Back to our example, if you have a new product concept that solves a problem that requires education, then you should start with a Push Marketing channel that allows you to leverage long-form content like videos that enable you to highlight the problem and present your solution in a format that’s engaging and easy to consume (like a video!).

    Once you’ve created intent, then you can incorporate Pull Marketing channels. 

    Understanding how people typically consume information online will be your secret weapon to creating the perfect acquisition strategy that uses push and pull channels together; in other words, adopting an omnichannel approach.

    For every one answer you provide for your prospects, three more questions arise.

    You can use this principle to craft the perfect funnel that leverages both Push and Pull.  

    This is what we do. 

    Should I launch paid acquisition if I don’t know what my CPA, AOV, and LTV are?



    Even more important than strategy, understanding your numbers will make or break your eCommerce business. 

    The name of the game is profitability. 

    To remain profitable, you must acquire your customers at a cost that preserves your margins (your target cost per acquisition (CPA)).

    To understand what this cost is, you need to understand what your cogs are and what your customer lifetime value is. 

    To find customer lifetime value, the simple equation is:
    Average Order Value (AOV) x Purchase Frequency Per Year x Average Length of Customer Relationship (years).

    Of course, it is not as black and white as this equation assumes it to be. For a deeper-drive, feel free to book a discovery call with us to help mine this information from your business!

    Once you understand: 
    a) How much one customer is worth (CLTV)
    b) How much it costs to keep them as a returning customer (COGs), 

    You’re left with the remaining margin.

    Of that margin, you’ll want to retain a certain % for profit. 

    Once this amount is subtracted, you’re left with what you can afford to pay per customer with paid advertising. 

    For example, if you run a business where you’re selling $10 widgets that have no expected repurchase qualities, and your COGs are $5 per widget – the amount remaining for profit and advertising is $5. 

    Let’s say you need to ensure you retain $2.50 of profit for every order placed. 

    This means you need to acquire customers on paid channels for no more than $2.50.

    This is near impossible to do, and does not provide you enough profit to reinject into the business on things that will help you scale.

    The immediate next step you can take is to increase your average order value via incorporating a bundling strategy, whereby you encourage the purchase to have multiple widgets in one order using bundle pricing. 

    So you see, once you understand these numbers, you’ll not only uncover how to purchase traffic profitably, but you’ll find how to structure your offer to maximize profits, too! 

    Again, all things we help you do here at Farsiight. 

    How do I reduce the Cost Per Acquisition for my E-Commerce Store?


    Simply put, your cost per acquisition is a result of two things:

    – Ad costs.
    – You funnel conversion rates. 

    Your ad costs are predicated on many things (auctions, conversion rates, engagement, targeting, your competitors, your product vertical, customer experience, etc). 

    But to keep it simple, the most important thing is the quality of user-experience you’re creating. 

    The more inferior quality you’re providing, the more the platform will charge you to show your message to your prospects. 

    The platform will measure this user-experience from ad to thank-you page, and in Facebook’s case, surveying your past-customers!

    Low conversion rates, slow page speed, low time spent on site are signals platforms use to determine the user-experience quality. 

    The simpler you can make your site to navigate, and the more relevant your content is to your target market, (i.e., the more valuable the information you’re providing is), the higher page engagement you’ll have and the higher your conversion rates will be at each stage of your funnel.

    Which leads me to conversions rates. 

    Given the above, the most important thing your business should focus on to help drive down CPA is increasing your funnel conversion rates (for the reasons noted above). 

    To do that, you need to identify all the conversion points in your funnel. 

    Let’s use a basic funnel that doesn’t include any particular strategy for simplicity sake:

    each “>” represents a conversion point

    Ad > Home Page
    Home Page > Collection Page
    Collection Page > Product Page
    Product Page > Add To Cart
    Add to Cart > Checkout 
    Checkout > Purchase

    At Farsiight, we’ve developed industry baselines for which each conversion rate should be. 

    Once we identify your baselines, we use these benchmarks to determine the best optimization strategy starting point. 
    Low ad click-through rate? More engaging ads. 
    Low add to cart rate? Ensure product pages incorporate basic conversion rate best practices that build trust and elevate the solution. 

    The higher each conversion rate is, the more people will make it through your funnel to purchase – the further $1 spent will take you on-platform.