BARE is the new way to funeral - A direct to consumer funeral home and end of life platform shaking up the traditional funeral industry offering simpler, more affordable funeral services. Bare also offers a prepaid funeral plan which is an alternative to life insurance, taking the burden of death off families by setting money aside for a funeral. From a recommendation within the Digital Marketplace grapevine, BARE came to farsiight mid-2020 with rapid business growth set firmly in their sights. Specifically they wanted to achieve a steady 5% MoM growth in core business revenue, whilst also decreasing their cost per acquisition. Having previously managed their digital marketing in house, BARE had struggled to achieve the profitable growth they were looking for, and after going through the rounds looking for the right agency, kicked off with farsiight for our PPC Marketing service in May 2020.

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The Partnership

One of the many keys to the successful farsiight formula is becoming an extension of our partner’s businesses. Our relationship with BARE was just that and involved close collaboration between our team here at farsiight and the 2 founders of BARE, Sam & Cale. As BARE grew, this later evolved to include a close relationship with their in-house Paid Ads Account Manager and Head of Growth. Sam from Bare summed up his first impressions of farsiight and how they eventually made their decision; “​​After meeting the team, they came back with a detailed analysis of our current campaign structure, bidding strategy, keyword coverage and optimisation strategy. That analysis was particularly detailed, insightful, and impressed investors in the business (many of whom are considered to be in the top 10 marketers in Australia). The analysis gave us confidence to select farsiight from other agencies we spoke with.” Communication in any partnership is the key to ensure both parties are aligned on goals, and even more so in the case of BARE with its many moving parts in terms of service offering, regions and targets. Outside of daily communication with the BARE team via slack, we would meet monthly to do a full tear down of the previous month vs. targets and align on next month's goals. This also developed to include a weekly catchup to discuss priorities and action items. Sam gave us some early feedback which really fuelled our fire and desire to keep kicking goals for them “Since beginning the work, in less than 8 months we've almost doubled the core business and seen CPA's decrease about 25%. Very impressive results to date.”


The Process


Off the back of a thorough analysis of the existing Google Ads account, several discovery meetings and extensive strategy and planning, we agreed on 3 key objectives; Firstly, setting up more robust tracking to understand CAC. This was achieved through setting up third-party call tracking, setting up lead funnel tracking using Google Ads conversion tracking via Google Tag Manager & Google Analytics as well as Hubspot offline conversion tracking.

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Secondly, scale their existing Google Ads account to achieve aggressive growth targets - This was achieved through hyper localisation of ads, as well as rapid landing page and campaign strategy testing; And lastly, achieve a target CAC - This was achieved through the efforts and expertise of the farsiight team in partnership with BARE. “The workflow has been excellent. We've been supported by the founders, have regular catch-ups, and most importantly they're very responsive to ad-hoc calls, slack messages and emails.”

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To achieve Bare’s goals, farsiight faced a variety of challenges whilst implementing and managing the Google Ads account that we had to overcome. These included, but were by no means limited to: - Extensive competition: Bare was entering a highly competitive industry and was, at the time, an unknown player in the market; - Essential ad localisation: Competing with local funeral homes presented the need for highly personalised ads and became essential to increasing conversion rate. In addition, Bare’s pricing differs between cities and states, so ad and landing page localisation was a priority. - Testing: With little paid advertising run to date and limited historical data to analyse, farsiight had to work closely with Bare. On a month-to-month basis, we tested a variety of ad messaging and landing page content to examine what resonated best with their audience, and this also differed from location to location. - Growth: Maintaining a constant CPA while scaling is always challenging. Thankfully, the founding team at Bare are the fastest moving savvy partners we’ve ever had the pleasure of working with which made this less challenging than usual. Our work with BARE over the years was focused primarily on Google Ads, of which the majority of our efforts were focused on Google’s Search Campaigns. However we have also utilised The full Google Ads suite including Display, Discovery and Youtube campaigns for both retargeting and successful TOF performance channels. More recently we have also supplemented campaigns with the newer Performance Max channel. Outside of Google Ads, farsiight has also helped BARE implement and scale their Microsoft Ads.


The Performance

Since Kicking off with BARE, we have seen unprecedented growth and performance in the accounts. As of 2023, since launching our campaigns in June 2023, BARE’s revenue on core business has increased 700% since kicking off in June 2020 alongside an LTV/CAC increase of 250%. It is safe to say these phenomenal figures speak for themselves. The BARE team was so happy with results that farsiight was their first choice in helping them with their expansion into the UK market, as well as the launch of their spin-off End-of-life legal arrangements service & pet cremation service.


Increase in core revenue


Increase in LTV/CAC


What Bare had to say about the outcome

They are clear subject matter experts, who are the most knowledgeable I've come across during 6+ years at venture backed, high growth businesses. Perhaps most importantly though, they are genuinely good humans, who we feel are genuinely keen to see our business grow.

Sam McConkey


Co-Founder, Bare